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  Oceans Pride Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.  located in the suburbs of Mumbai. The company established in early 2015 has a vision to blossom into a full fledged manning company which can cater to the ever demanding and dynamic industry of shipping. The directors having a combined experience of around 18 years in shipping industry speaks volume of their know how about shipping which is good enough to understand the pulse of the industry. Having sailed in the capacity of Chief Engineer and Third Engineer in reputed company like Anglo Eastern Ship Management gives company the added advantage of being managed by personnel knowing the in and out of shipping and well equipped competent enough to cater to the growing requirements of shipping companies without compromising on quality.

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➸ The company though young is confident to fulfill your Manning requirements from its rich database of experienced officers and Crew along with that of Freshers.

➸ The company firmly believes in growing big at the back of its ethical and moral values.

➸ We assure you of prompt and effective service all times and assurance that the company would strive to fulfill your manning requirements by sourcing suitable candidates.