OCEAN’S PRIDE MARINE SERVICES PVT. LTD. plays a vital role of helping the companies source suitable candidates which would prove to be an asset.

Every individual  has potential to develop and prosper in their lives and careers. After completing education, one aspires to find a job that is lucrative both in terms of financial and career developmental aspects. It is always a matter of capitalizing on the potentials and grooming the individual by providing the right guidance which enables one to achieve his/her goals. A competitive work environment gives one a chance to grow professionally as well as an individual, and we here at Ocean’s Pride Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. we provide a platform to achieve a career that is challenging and rewarding.


Current Vacancies:-

AB – Oil / Chemical Tanker, Bulk Carrier & Container
➸ Oiler – Bulk Carrier, Tanker, Supply Vessel
➸ Tr. OS & Tr. Wiper
➸ Chief Officer – Oil / Chemical Tanker
➸ Fitter – Tanker Vessel
➸ 3rd Engineer – Container Vessel
➸ 4th Engineer – Tanker Vessel
➸ Cook – Supply Vessel
➸ 2nd Engineer – Tanker
➸ Pumpman
➸ Senior Deck Officers and Engineers
➸ Junior Officers Deck & Engine
➸ Deck Cadets
➸ Ratings ( Freshers & Experienced)

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